prolong life 123784321Call it crazy, but technology is one amazing thing that is taking our lives to a new dimension that has never been witnessed by any other human generation. Weighing by the pace that technology and new discoveries are driving the world today, it may not be wrong to project that sooner rather than later, human beings will be able to defy death in one way or the other. Even though this may be termed as a fantasy that remains to be seen, the current processes that have been put in place to tackle aging is just a crystal clear indication of where the world is headed. In this regard, one biotech institution that has been in the forefront in matters revolving around tackling aging is the highly reputable Calico Google http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SENS_Research_Foundation. This a Google-founded research and development independent company that was formed in 2013, and is structured to harness biology and advanced technology with the main aim of helping human beings understand the biology of aging and enable us to control our lifespan or aging.

Envisioned Towards Prolonging Life

Innovations in technology and world development have led us, as human beings, to envision many things that would make our ancestors turn in their tombs. Imagine a world where cars will drive themselves, deliveries and parcels dropped to the owners by drones or eye glasses doubling up as highly efficient computers. It is under such envisions that Calico Google envisions that aging should be a thing of the past, and if possible, human beings should live forever. With its highly qualified and experienced scientists and staff, Calico Google is being structured to tackle anything that may lead to aging.

Partnership with AbbVie

Calico, known as the short form of California Life Company, has already started the process of defying aging. This is clearly supported by the fact that they recently unveiled a plan to build a highly advanced new Bay Area based research facility center that will be in the forefront in researching the diseases that afflict the elderly such as cancer and neurodegeneration. This will be done in partnership with AbbVie, which is a Chicago-based pharmaceutical giant. With both companies dealing with the early stages of drug and medicine development, there is a guarantee that testing and scientific responsibilities that revolve around tackling aging and prolonging life will be taken to a whole new level. Calico Google will be in the forefront in coming up with drugs and technological advancements that would be vital in defying aging and prolonging life, while AbbVie will test these drugs and methods and make them in factories so as to be ready to perform their futuristic responsibilities of prolonging life, or rather defying death.

Exploring the basic biology of aging will form a great quantity of Calico Google researches. This is because getting to learn more about biology of aging will be essential in coming up with medicine and ways to prevent or eradicate diseases that are mostly associated with old age. Again, bringing AbbVie into the fold will be instrumental as the pharmaceutical giant will use its pharmaceutical expertise to provide scientific and clinical development of these medicines and ultimately ensure that they are readily available to the public.

Without a doubt, Calico Google will be a game changer in terms of age defying and life prolonging. If things go as planned, then do not be surprised if aging or death becomes a thing of the past.

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